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Collections, Credit Control and

Credit Management

Sharing professional knowledge is the best way to contribute to the skills development of others. Our focus is on providing learning opportunities for each of our learners building on the improvement of our nation.

Areas we will cover throughout our learning courses:

  • Introduction to Accounts Receivable

  • Age analysis - structure of the age of debt

  • Reconciliations - how to effectively reconcile accounts

  • Effective collection strategies - Timeline application

  • Collection letters - when to send what

  • Transactional entries - credits, debits, journals, etc.

  • Statements and invoices - perfect time to send out

  • Customer profiles - keep updated information all the time

  • Communication:

    • Telephone etiquette

    • Email etiquette

    • Customer visits

  • Allocation process - accurate figures is key

  • Customer relationships 

  • Effective query resolution - solved to customer satisfaction

Credit Management studies towards a Diploma accredited to the SAQA NQF level.

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