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Unpaid accounts often result in bad debt write-offs and legal action to recover outstanding money.  Cash flow is tied up in this bad debt and by applying our vast experience and knowledge in the credit risk and accounts receivable department, we can review the current state and apply workable credit processes which will contribute to reduced bad debt, mitigate risk, and improved cash flow.

ACCS designates specific individuals per section to the required outsourced function and are extremely capable in successfully follow through on the desired outcomes.  All these services are conducted as POPIA compliant to ensure lawful interaction with our clients’ customers.  These options are subject to change, based on the customer’s requirements as the services are flexible to be tailor-made to your business needs. We apply this solution with the following:

Debt Collection Another.png

  Debt Collection Services  

  Collections by calling customers

to bring accounts up to date  

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  Credit Control Full Function  

Full function Credit Control services including effective query resolution  

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  Health check for consulting on credit policies, processes, AR Cycle, risk, and many more  

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Source, screen, interview and place the best fit industry specific candidates for 

your business

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Developing skills for the profession to enhance careers and optimise output

  "Knowledge is   power"

"only if you put it in action" - Napoleon Hill 

Interesting fact:

Absolute Credit Control Services is managed by a designated Credit Professional (ACICM), awarded by the Institute of Credit Management of South Africa, SAQA recognised and a member of Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

Covid-19 lockdown levels did not stop the teams who formed an integral part of the challenge to successfully meet and exceed accounts receivable targets proving that effective management and inclusion made remote working in this industry possible.