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Debt Collections Services

ACCS provides professional and effective debt collection services by collaborating with our clients and their debtors in a positive way.  We apply processes and options to recover outstanding debt from customers and provide informative reports regularly on the progress. Through our dedication to your debtor portfolios, we deliver on the results you need for improved profitability.


Our services include:

  • Contacting delinquent customers to negotiate manageable debt recovery

  • Develop strategies and plans for effective collections

  • Negotiate discounts on full balance settlements where required

  • Credit bureau tracing on defaulted debtors

  • Account maintenance by updating of customer information

  • Working on every account in the portfolio

  • Progress report as and when requested by our customer (daily or weekly) and a detailed monthly report on the stats and numbers.


A once-off admin charge is required, and our collection fees are calculated on 20% flat fee charged only for successful collections.


“No Collection, No fee”


Find out how we do it:

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